Additional NADP or related documents


12.06.10 NADP Responds to IOM Survey re Essential Benefits
11.15.10  HHS Response to Senators Stabenow and Lincoln re Dental Benefits
11.12.10 NADP Comments to NAIC re Exchange Model
11.08.10  NADP Comments to NAIC re Exchange Model
11.02.10  Joint  Letter to HHS re ASO & HIPAA excepted benefits
10.06.10 NADP Comments to NAIC re Exchange Model
10.01.10 NADP Comments to OCIIO re Exchanges  
09.21.10  Senators Stabenow and Lincon send Letter to HHS 
09.09.10  HHS Letter regarding HIPAA excepted benefits
06.15.10  NADP Comments to NAIC re Blanks Proposal  
05.18.10 Legal Memo to HHS Reguarding HIPPA Expected Benefits  




NADP Press Release - American Families Can Stay Together and Keep Current Dental Plan Under Senate Approach to Essential Health Benefits 


Senate Finance Committee: Updated Chairman's Mark
(the redlined health proposal including all passed amendments)
Final amendments as passed - Stabenow Amendment is Letter G

Michigan Chamber of Commerce letter in support of Stabenow-Lincoln amendment

Pew led Dental Coalition Letter to Congressional leaders in support of oral health provisions. (Includes support for the preservation of separate dental policies)


NADP Press Release on stand-alone coverage of dental benefits

NADP is interviewed on CNBC

American Dental Association statement in support of separate coverage, including their proposed amendment language

Senator Mary Landrieu's letter to Senate Finance Committee

Senator Sherry Brown's letter to Senate Finance Committee

American Benefits Council Press Release re. Excise Tax, supporting exemption for supplemental benefits.

National Business Group on Health
Letter to Senate requesting vision within Stabenow Amendment
Letter to Senate supporting the Stabenow Amendment


NADP, DDPA, VSP, NAVCP Letter to House Tri-Committee Chairmen
- Explaining how the House bill will be detrimental to standalone plans

NADP Taxation Survey and Press Release: Poll results of Americans dropping their dental coverage if premiums were taxed as proposed in the Senate Finance Committee 

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry - Recommendations on Health Reform (supports dental plans in #4)

VSP CEO is interviewed on Fox News Business; NADP, DDPA and NAVCP mentioned.

CDHP Coalition Letter (w/NADP)
Supports an oral health expert on future Health Advisory Commissions

Pew led Coalition (w/NADP) House Prevention Letter

Pew led Coalition (w/NADP) Senator Prevention Letter

House Tri-Committee Bill and Summary (being debated in Committee)

Senate HELP Bill and Summary (passed Committee)


The Senate Finance Committee held a series of informal hearings (roundtables) to discuss various issues regarding health care reform.  A week after each roundtable, a policy document pertaining to the roundtable was distributed by the Committee.  The documents are linked below, and videos of the roundtables are available on the Committee's website.

Roundtable #3 on FinancingNADP Comments
Roundtable #2 on CoverageNADP Comments
Roundtable #1 on Delivery, NADP did not submit comments


NADP HCR Briefing: Increasing Access to Dental Care in Health Care Reform


NADP HCR Briefing: Oral Health Is Integral To Overall Health

NADP HCR Briefing: Dental Benefits Improve Access To Care

NAD PHCR Briefing: Maintain Tax Incentives





NADP Article 'Oral Healthcare Reform' for the AADC's newsletter The Beacon


NADP HCR Principles: Position Statement


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