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It pays to participate in NADP Research

Are you looking for insightful market intelligence, benchmarks, and trends? NADP Research Reports deliver all three. Plan to participate in the Research Program by enrolling in one of the surveys below. Your data submissions are key to the value and quality of NADP Research Reports. Thanks for your participation!

Industry Research Surveys

NADP Premium Survey

The Premium Survey collects information about average premium by product type (DHMO, DPPO, and Dental Indemnity), group size and at the national and state level.

Due Date: ASAP

NADP Enrollment Survey

The NADP Enrollment Report is the cornerstone of all of NADP's Statistical Reports on the dental benefits industry. This survey is for any company offering standalone dental plans and/or dental benefits embedded within medical plans. Your participation in this research effort makes it possible for NADP to provide reliable and comprehensive data about the dental benefits industry.

Due date: 05/31/2023

NADP Provider Network Administration Survey

Historically, this survey covered many of the aspects of managing a provider network and included questions related to Contract Implementation, Directory Updates, Provider Recruitment, Payment Metrics and Methods and other topics related to Network AdministrationThis survey collects information claims processing metrics, delivery of Explanation of Benefits, Auto-Adjudication of Claims, Real Time Adjudication, application of Artificial Intelligence, use and development of Diagnostic Codes and Risk-Based Benefits, non-claim use of Electronic Data Interchange protocols, Provider Payment capabilities, CAQH CORE Operating Rules, Web Portals, and Performance Guarantees.

Due Date: 06/30/2023

NADP Plan Design Survey

This survey collects information about Annual and Lifetime Maximum levels, deductible levels, and information about the percentage of enrollment with products with special features. The survey includes a number of changes from last year, including the removal on questions related to TMJ and those related to Preventive and Diagnostic Only Plans for groups. We've added new questions related to the coverage of implants and teledentistry supported procedures.

Due date: 07/31/2023
Coming Soon

NADP Survey on Use of Diagnostic Codes

This is a new survey being developed by NADP's Clinical Workgroup volunteer committee

Due date: TBD
Coming Soon

NADP Survey on Use of Quality Measures and Standards

This is a new survey being developed by NADP's Clinical Workgroup volunteer committee

Due date: TBD
Coming Soon

NADP Benefit Utilization Trend Survey – 2022

This survey requests non-DHMO dental insurance completed, paid dental procedures per 1,000 enrollees by month, by state and by benefit sponsor (group, individual, and Medicare Advantage)

Due Date: 03/31/2023

*All survey availability dates are approximate.

Sponsored Research Program

NADP has conducted its Industry Snapshots program as a free service to members since 2006. Industry Snapshots are brief, single-topic surveys on issues affecting the dental benefits industry. In concordance with NADP’s Strategic Plan and to build the library of knowledge about and for the industry, beginning this year, the Industry Snapshot program will provide an opportunity for members and non-members to initiate and sponsor survey research among NADP dental plan members. Following is an outline of how the new Industry Snapshot program will work.