Sponsor a Webinar with NADP

Shine the spotlight on your products and services with NADP’s Sponsored Webinars!

Marketing your business requires you to constantly make difficult decisions on the budget and resources needed to promote your product or service successfully.

Sponsoring a webinar with NADP is a highly effective way of balancing these factors and achieving your goals.

NADP-sponsored webinars are among the most robust solutions for companies looking to boost revenue and quality leads from marketing.

Through NADP-sponsored webinars, your company will:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Educate the dental benefits industry
  • Achieve measurable results
  • Provide a high-quality list of new sales contacts from the registration list

NADP's extensive webinar library covers multiple topics

Miss an NADP webinar? Listen to the recording now. The NADP Knowledge Center includes more than 50 webinar recordings, which are available to members free of charge. Non-members can purchase these recordings for just $99.00 each.

To Do Before the Live Webinar