Member-only Resources

Advocacy Updates

Find member-only regulatory and legislative comments, including related legal memos among our Advocacy Updates.

Research Reports

NADP conducts original research relating to dental benefits and the industry in a series of annual reports, shared research reports and snapshots. Most of the research reports are free for members.

CDT Licensing Program (CDT)

is a code set with descriptive terms developed and updated by the American Dental Association (ADA) for reporting dental services and procedures to dental benefits plans. The use of CDT requires a license and NADP administers a discounted licensing program for our members.

Dental Interact

is a secure web-based community for NADP volunteer groups and members to ask questions, initiate discussions and distribute materials.

Provider Directory Validation Project

To help our members improve efficiencies and save time and money, the NADP Operations WorkGroup has developed the Provider Directory Validation Program (PDV), featuring a uniform spreadsheet with data elements agreed upon by industry representatives. Several dental plans and DSO members have already participated in PDV and have had favorable results.

Single Page Dentist Credentialing and Attestation Forms

The NADP Operations WorkGroup conducted a multi-year pilot program to develop a single-page dentist credentialing and attestation form to streamline administrative processes for both plans and DSOs. his is a recommended form and may not meet the specific requirements of some states. Please verify that the DSO/provider or plan will accept this form before use.

Industry Issue Highlights

Info Sheets & Maps

MIGs (Member Interest Groups)

Any group of Association members with a shared interest in a specific subject matter, professional area or dental benefits product.

Legislative tracking (LOTS)

A state-of-the-art monitoring system that tracks relevant state and federal bills and regulations via a searchable, customizable online database.

Membership Directories

NADP’s membership directory function allows members to search for individual contacts at companies and the public to obtain company profiles as well as a list of carriers by state.


A multi-candidate, federal political action committee registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

State Law Portal

This page is a list of postings of State Dental Plan Licensing Laws.

Provider Networks and Accessibility Requirements by State

To provide our members with a summary of state requirements related to provider networks and accessibility, NADP has collected information related to the relevant state statutes and regulations. Within this document, you will find summaries of state requirements related to networks.

Allow list instructions

To ensure our members are receiving all the knowledge and information that come with membership, share this NADP information with your IT department to assure that newsletters, e-mails and other NADP general communications reach you.

NADP Volunteer Groups

NADP’s programs and services are overseen by a robust system of Volunteer Groups. This page provides a description of what each one does with related contact information.