Imagine members of a symphony orchestra playing different arrangements of the same song at the same time. The result would be a chaotic, disharmonious noise instead of the masterpiece intended. On a similar note, the NADP Terminology, Standards and Transactions (TST) initiative ensures dental plans are playing harmoniously from the same healthcare arrangement that encompasses the unique needs of the dental benefits industry.  Through the TST initiative, NADP represents our members to multiple stakeholders involved in business operations and electronic data interchange aspects impacting the dental benefits industry.

NADP speaks with knowledge and authority when representing your interests to the following groups:

  • Dental Caucus– dental industry-focused committee related to X12, with NADP holding the chair position.
  • Dental Claim Form Advisory Committee (DeCFAC) – responsible for reviewing and suggesting changes to the American Dental Association Dental Claims Form
  • Dental Content Committee (DeCC) – responsible for review of changes to electronic data interchange (EDI) standards under HIPAA.
  • Dental Quality Alliance (DQA) – responsible for developing and implementing dental-specific quality measures.
  • Industry Code lists for use in an electronic data interchange (EDI) environment.
  • Health Level 7 (HL7) – responsible for developing and maintaining attachments for electronic transactions.
  • SNODENT (Systemized Nomenclature of Dentistry) Maintenance Committee
  • Standards Committee on Dental Informatics (SCDI) – responsible for developing model policies relating to HIPAA standards and EDI.
  • SNOMED (formerly International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization or IHTSDO)
  • X12 – responsible for developing and maintaining electronic transactions, i.e., eligibility, claims, enrollment, and payment.

NADP STI and Advocacy staff also attend other industry or organizational events where standard-setting or regulatory activities are discussed. As well they reach out and/or collaborate with organizations whose members have dental interests including:

If you would like information on these activities, please contact us.