Gabryl Award

The Gabryl Award is often described as the “lifetime achievement award,” which recognizes outstanding volunteer service to further the mission of NADP and has as criteria long-time service as an NADP volunteer and a significant contribution to NADP’s advancement. Recommendations are solicited annually from volunteer groups, but this award is given only when there are deserving recipients who fit the criteria as affirmed by the Executive Committee. The NADP Board selects the recipient.

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Don Mayes Leadership Award

The Don Mayes Award honors volunteer service in leadership roles for a minimum of 3 years. The Award was created to fill in the “gap” between the Gabryl Award (lifetime achievement) and the annual Star Awards, which recognize one-time “above and beyond” contributions by volunteers. Recipients of the Don Mayes Award have served in leadership roles but may not have made the significant contributions to qualify for the for Gabryl Award. Yet, they are ineligible for the Star Award as they determine the recipients for the Star Awards.

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Evelyn Ireland Volunteer Award (formerly Star Award)

In 2019, the annual Star Award was renamed the Evelyn Ireland Volunteer Award in honor of NADP’s first executive director. While the Gabryl Award represents long-term volunteer contributions—a lifetime achievement award—toward NADP’s mission, the Evelyn Ireland Volunteer Awards recognizes that one-time or short-term contributions are required each year to accomplish our goals. Recipients may be part of a volunteer group or simply act individually. Nominations come from Board members, chairs of volunteer groups, and staff. The Executive Committee approves the final selections.

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