“Your State, Your Stories” Highlights Beneficiary Stories in All 50 States

Jan 22, 2020

Last week, Better Medicare Alliance launched our interactive “Your State, Your Stories” map, highlighting Medicare Advantage beneficiary testimonials in all 50 states. As CMS considers important decisions affecting Medicare Advantage, these stories serve to remind regulators and policymakers of the real people impacted by the outcome. Help us SHARE these beneficiaries’ stories by posting to social media using the suggested messages below – or one of your own! You can also download a shareable graphic for social media HERE.

  • #MedicareAdvantage beneficiaries in all 50 states have a story to tell. Check out @BMAlliance’s #YourStateYourStories map to see what they’re saying:
  • As @CMSgov considers #MedicareAdvantage policies for 2021, @BMAlliance highlights the voices of beneficiaries impacted by the outcome. These are their stories: #YourStateYourStories
  • We’re proud to partner with @BMAlliance to grow and strengthen #MedicareAdvantage. These stories reaffirm why: #YourStateYourStories

Informational Resources on ESRD Enrollment in Medicare Advantage

Individuals with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), also known as kidney failure, represent one of the most vulnerable populations in our health care system and deserve quality care. While most Medicare-eligible ESRD patients currently must receive care through Traditional Medicare, a recent change in law will allow all beneficiaries the option, as of 2021, to enroll in Medicare Advantage after a diagnosis of ESRD. We believe that Medicare Advantage is well-suited to address ESRD patients’ complex health challenges, but there are several issues regarding implementation, including concerns of payment adequacy. A recent independent study commissioned by BMA found that payment to Medicare Advantage for ESRD patients in some regions“may be significantly below actual patient costs.” 

We have developed a suite of new resources to help explain this issue in further detail and support payment and policy changes to ensure MA has the tools needed to provide the highest quality coverage to every ESRD patient entrusted to its care. Click HERE to read more and check out our new ESRD website landing page HERE.

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