Three New 2024 Code Sets Available from ADA

Consumer-Friendly CDT 2024 uses simple sentences and straightforward language to convey information and help promote price transparency.

The inaugural Consumer-Friendly CDT 2024 is available for licensing by commercial users of CDT, which includes dental benefit plans, third-party payers, and practice management software vendors.

“Consumer-Friendly CDT uses simple sentences and straightforward language to convey information, helping promote understanding and price transparency as patients are more comfortable reading their description of services,” said Stacey Gardner, D.M.D., chair of the ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs.

Consumer-Friendly CDT includes a translation of every CDT 2024 code and nomenclature in English and Spanish. CDT descriptors are included as needed when additional context will help explain the procedure. It serves as an accurate and definitive source of truth for a plain language translation of the CDT.

The release of Consumer-Friendly CDT 2024 will be accompanied by two other new code sets — SNODENT two- and three-way maps that serve as embedded mapping solutions. The two-way map connects SNODENT concepts for dental-related disorders and findings to ICD-10-CM disease classification codes, while the three-way map connects SNODENT and ICD-10-CM pairs to relevant CDT procedure codes.

SNODENT — an acronym for Systematized Nomenclature of Dentistry — is a set of terms created for use in electronic dental records and recognized by the American National Standards Institute as an ADA/ANSI standard.

Any commercial use of CDT, SNODENT or the maps requires a license. Licensees pay annual royalties for their usage of ADA content within their products and services.

“Administrative simplification leads to time and cost savings across the entire healthcare industry,” said Dr. Gardner. “These content files span to all dental specialties to provide a consistent and connected view of dental codes. ADA Coding content is the one authorized source of truth.”

To license ADA Code Sets, visit Licensing for Commercial Use and submit an application.

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