NADP Staff

NADP Staff Information

NADP's office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm CT.
Phone: 972-458-6998

Mike Adelberg

Mike Adelberg, MPA, MA

Executive Director

Tim Brown Headshot

Timothy L. Brown

Deputy Executive Director
972-458-6998 x 104

Biance Balale

Bianca Balale

State Affairs Manager
972-458-6998 x 106

Jerry Berggren

Jerry Berggren, MBA

Director of Research & Information
972-458-6998 x 113

Rene Chapin

Rene Chapin

Director of Membership and Communications
972-458-6998 x 110

Brian Flynn

Brian Flynn

Dental Informatics Manager
972-458-6998 x 109

Shayne Leatherwood

Shayne Leatherwood, CEM

Administrative Director
972-458-6998 x 102

Jeremy May

Jeremy R. May, CMP

Director of Meetings & Events
972-458-6998 x 123

Lauren Oakley headshot

Lauren Oakley, MS

Associate Director of Communications & Technology
972-458-6998 x 105

Bernice Ogbondah

Bernice Ogbondah

Government Affairs Analyst
972-458-6998 x 111

Owen Urech

Owen Urech

Director of Government Relations
972-458-6998 x 108