January 28, 2015

January 2015

by Chris Swanker, NADP Board Chair

NADP is off to a great start in 2015, following a dynamic Leadership Conference in Dallas earlier this month. With record-breaking attendance and enthusiastic engagement, this Leadership Conference set a strong, positive tone for the future of our industry and association. At Leadership Conference, NADP volunteers provide feedback regarding the development and implementation of the Strategic Plan. This feedback includes their groups’ short and long term operational plans in support of the NADP Strategic Plan. While I have attended many NADP Leadership Conferences in the past, I must say the level of volunteer engagement and enthusiasm regarding their industry and NADP contributions was at an all-time high. A major reason for this high level of engagement was the Board-issued challenge to take ownership of one of the following High Level Initiatives:•HLI #1: Address emerging political shifts by improving NADP’s positioning with political and policy leaders to influence positive dental benefit policy outcomes at the federal and state level.•HLI #2: Execute a strategy that integrates data, analytics and business intelligence to enhance capabilities and deliver new value to the dental industry in the area of providers, the delivery of overall health/oral health care and associated outcomes.•HLI#3: Increase collaboration and partnerships with other dental industry stakeholder organizations.•HLI#4: Expand NADP’s scope and influence to enhance the association’s role in representing members and an expanded range of stakeholders across the dental industry.•HLI#5: Pursue opportunities that focus on the consumer as both the purchaser of dental benefits and the end user of dental services.Each HLI included a set of supporting operational plans. The volunteer groups discussed their roles regarding the HLIs and operational plans. In addition the groups added tactical plans and tasks to their individual workplans. On the final day of Leadership Conference the group chairs reported highlights of their work plans and whether or not they took ownership of a specific HLI. The NADP staff and Board of Directors are incorporating all this input and it will be published in the next round of the Strategic Plan.January 2015While the Board challenge certainly ignited volunteer engagement, another reason for a high level of enthusiasm was the inclusion of volunteer feedback during the strategic planning process. At CONVERGE 2014, NADP presented a six-year environmental scan and asked volunteer attendees for their feedback. The environmental scan served as the foundation for the NADP Strategic Plan and provided an overview in the following three areas:1. Political, including legislative and regulatory issues2. Dental benefits industry trends3. Customers, both employers and individualsThroughout November, NADP volunteer groups reviewed an updated draft of the environmental scan and looked for common themes and challenges facing our industry. NADP staff collected the feedback and on Dec. 2, NADP Board members, past and present, plus volunteer group chairs or vice chairs discussed the collective feedback to identify common themes and possible HLIs. All this set the stage for a robust Leadership Conference.On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to thank every individual involved in the Strategic Planning process. Your collective talent, expertise and insights enrich the association and add value to the membership. The NADP Strategic Plan covers a six-year period. This way the plan is long enough to cover two White House Administrations but short enough to adjust to emerging industry trends. I will report on the progress of various aspects of the plan throughout the coming year. If you have any questions or suggestions, I’d like to hear from you. Please contact me at or (610) 807-8485.

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