By Clinical WG Chair Dr. Mark Jurkovich and Vice Chair Dr. Lynn Mouden

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To form a united clinical voice that informs our strategic direction and leverages the association’s collective knowledge, the NADP Board of Directors recently approved the transition of the Clinical Quality Measures Sub-WorkGroup (SWG) into a new Clinical Sub-WorkGroup (SWG).

The revised Clinical SWG will continue to explore, inform and comment on dental quality measure development and maintain NADP’s voting seat on the Dental Quality Alliance (DQA). Other areas that are developing in the measurement sphere include various reporting requirements states may have for Medicaid and other programs, voluntary reporting entities such as the Wisconsin Collaboration for Health Quality (WCHQ), and who/how might need to report to such things as vaccine registries, now that there are CDT codes for vaccinations. 

Health inequities and social determinants of health are also of high interest in both government policy and research today and some form of reporting may be developed in the not-too-distant future. 

Finally, as we have seen through our medical colleagues, reporting tools initially for Meaningful Use and now for MIPS might lead to exploring necessary criteria for reporting/development of alternative payment mechanisms.

Now through May 16, NADP is conducting a Clinical SWG Call for Volunteers with the goal to hold the first conference call on May 24.

How To Volunteer

Complete this volunteer application by May 16 and email the completed form to Director of Membership Rene Chapin.


More About the Clinical SWG

The Clinical SWG will support the NADP mission to improve consumer access to affordable, quality dental care through advocacy, support, and the promotion of dental benefits.


The Clinical SWG will:

• Maintain influence and participation in the Dental Quality Alliance (DQA) quality measure development, their impacts on dental benefits plans and how government programs might utilize those measures

• Influence how integration of health and dental plans (overall health to dental health) impacts dental plan structure and benefits and how it will impact claims processing

• Consider equity and social determinants and how they will impact dental benefits plan design and operations

• Collaborate and serve as a resource for NADP clinical related issue and advocacy efforts.


The Clinical SWG will maintain the call schedule previously in place for the CQM as follows:


• Conference calls 5/24, 6/7, 8/16, 10/25, 11/15 at 11 AM Central

• CONVERGE 2022, Sept. 19-22, St. Louis, MO / WG meeting Sept. 19 at 3 PM Central

About the Process 

Volunteer appointments will be reviewed and approved by the group chair and vice chair. You will also receive an email from NADP confirming your volunteer assignment before the scheduled May 24 conference call. Staff liaison, NADP Deputy Executive Director Timothy L. Brown, will contact you with details about the call.

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