April 2020


State Updates

The Government Relations Workgroup (GRW) continues to monitor state activity in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as watching for the resumption of regular legislative activity in the states. Many state legislatures have either adjourned early for the year or temporarily suspended their activities because of the pandemic, but some plan to reconvene in the next few weeks; a full list of legislative schedules can be found here.

NADP has created a tracking document for state activity in response to COVID-19. The document tracks insurance grace periods (and similar initiatives such as waiver of late fees), telehealth requirements, and filing requirements. NADP staff are updating this resource as new information becomes available.

Members also have access to NADP’s COVID-19 open forum, where additional resources are available and where members are having dialogue on issues related to the pandemic. This is a great place for member-to-member discussion and questions. NADP staff also share updates and information on this forum.

The GRW will continue tracking its priority bills in order to be prepared for the possibility that state legislatures reopen and that legislation begins moving again. The group holds regular conference calls to discuss this legislation as well as issues related to COVID-19. With questions on any of the above issues please contact Artur Bagyants, Associate Director of Government Relations.


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