Seeking Ambassadors to Meet, Greet, and Help CONVERGE First-Time Attendees

Remember what it was like to attend CONVERGE the first time? Wouldn’t it have been great if someone had answered your questions and shown you how things were done? Well, now there will be! CONVERGE 2024 is pleased to introduce its first-ever Ambassador program, designed to improve the conference experience for first-time attendees.

CONVERGE Ambassadors will communicate with first-time attendees before the event through the CONVERGE First-Timer forum in Dental Interact (DI) and serve as an onsite contact during CONVERGE to enhance the experience.

Who can be a CONVERGE Ambassador?

  • Anyone who has attended at least three in-person CONVERGE conferences since 2018 and agrees to perform the duties of an ambassador.

What will be the duties of a CONVERGE Ambassador?

    • Post at least once per week to the First Timer DI group before CONVERGE.
    • Wear a pin or button provided by NADP onsite at CONVERGE to identify themselves as an ambassador.
    • Be available from Sept. 23-26 to assist First-Time Attendees.
    • Be available to answer First-Time attendees’ questions during CONVERGE as needed.
    • Provide feedback and suggestions after CONVERGE to help NADP continually improve the program.

How do I volunteer to be an Ambassador?

NADP is looking for 10-15 qualified volunteers to serve as ambassadors. Once NADP reaches the goal of 10-15 volunteers, it will send Ambassadors more information about duties, posting in the Dental Interact Group and providing additional program details. If you meet the criteria and are interested in serving in this role, email Director of Meetings and Events Jeremy May at your earliest opportunity. This is a first-come, first-served opportunity. Once the positions are filled, NADP will cease recruitment for Ambassadors.

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