Sponsored Research Program

NADP has conducted its Industry Snapshots program as a free service to members since 2006. Industry Snapshots are brief, single-topic surveys on issues affecting the dental benefits industry. In concordance with NADP’s Strategic Plan and to build the library of knowledge about and for the industry, beginning this year, the Industry Snapshot program will provide an opportunity for members and non-members to initiate and sponsor survey research among NADP dental plan members. Following is an outline of how the new Industry Snapshot program will work.

What’s Included for Sponsors:

NADP will solicit a commitment to participate in the survey from targeted member companies. A minimum threshold of commitment to participate must be reached to proceed with the study (At least ten plans and 20% of the market).

Included in each survey are a few standard questions/data points, including:

  • Product offerings of respondents: (DHMO, DPPO, Indemnity, Discount)
  • The total enrollment of all respondents by product type
  • Estimated representation of the market as a percentage of enrollment
  • Title/job function of the respondent (if applicable)

The final product will include an Executive Summary, Detailed Findings, modifiable tables, and charts. The sponsoring company will have input into the final product. No individual response (identified or redacted) will be available unless ALL participating companies consent.

At the Snapshot Sponsor’s discretion, an acknowledgement will be made in the Executive Summary and Detailed Findings Report.

What's Included for Survey Respondents:

  • Respondents will receive the final Executive Summary and Detailed Findings at no additional charge no sooner than 30 days after the report is delivered to the Snapshot Sponsor.
  • NADP will make the Executive Summary and Detailed Findings Report available for sale to members and non-members no sooner than 90 days after the report is delivered to the Snapshot Sponsor.



Setup Fee$500$1000
Per Question$250$300
For List Questions (Ranking/Rating of attributes)$200 + $50 per listed item$240 + $60 per listed item

For studies that require reporting of individual company data an additional surcharge of $2,500 will be assessed.

The sale price of the reports to NADP members that did not participate in the study will be approximately 15% of the fee paid by the sponsor and 20% for non-members.

Examples of questions and pricing:

From a question in a survey on Diagnostic Codes NADP fielded in 2012, this question would cost $250.

Will you be developing your plans to utilize diagnostic codes for the adjudication of claims?

  • In the next 6 months
  • In the next 12 months
  • In the next 24 months
  • In the next 36 months
  • Still determining
  • Don't Know
  • Other

From a question in a survey on FAIR Health product use and satisfaction, this question would cost $650, $250 for the first item in the list and $50 for each item thereafter:
Of the following list of optional data elements in FAIR Health’s request, which do you (1) submit already, (2) do not submit currently, but would be willing to provide, or (3) do not submit currently and not willing or unsure about providing:

Submit alreadyDo not submit currently, but would be willing to provideDo not submit currently and not willing or unsure about providing
Allowed amountxxx
Dentist specialtyxxx
In/Out of networkxxx
Patient IDxxx
Patient genderxxx
Patient agexxx
Provider identifier data (NPI, name & address, TIN, and/or SSN)xxx
Plan Typexxx

For an example of a past Industry Snapshot, please visit our Knowledge Center. 

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