The NADP Research Commission provides valuable market intelligence and insights through a variety of industry reports. Following is an update on multiple surveys and reports.

New surveys to be distributed this week

  • The NADP Dental Benefits Plan Design Survey is the same as last year, and covers the prevalence of different benefit features, annual maximums and deductibles for Insured Dental benefits. This survey is due by Nov. 30.
  • The Financial Operations and Premium Trends survey requests data on financial aspects of your dental business and premiums for insured products and by group size. This survey promises to be very helpful in NADP’s legislative efforts as the potential for states to file legislation related to dental loss ratios. Your response by Nov. 30 is greatly appreciated.

Benefit Utilization Survey Response due by Monday, Nov. 2

  • The third quarter Benefit Utilization Survey is due on Nov. 2. The data from this survey is becoming increasingly important for NADP’s advocacy efforts on behalf of dental plan members as several states are justifying any number of proposals for supporting the dental industry due to shutdowns imposed earlier this year. Your third quarter response will only be available for NADP advocacy purposes and will only be distributed to survey participants. An annual report will be published sometime in the first quarter of 2021.

Enrollment, New Business Report To be Distributed This Week

  • Companies that participated in our first ever survey on Enrollment, New Business will receive the report in the next few days.

Last call for Shared Research, Consumer Tracking Sponsors

  • NADP has nearly completed the Employer Tracking survey and hopes to publish results for the survey sponsors soon.
  • Scheduled for this winter is our annual Consumer Tracking survey. If your organization would like to sponsor this survey, please contact Director of Research and Information Jerry Berggren  as soon as possible. For a prospectus, please visit the Shared Research page on the NADP website for detailed program information.

As you might expect, COVID-19 has slowed down many of our annual reports as company responses have been slower and fewer companies have been able to respond in a timely manner if at all. Currently, NADP lacks the response rate necessary to publish a Claims Metrics Report. A follow-up invitation will be sent to non-responders later this week. See below the Claims Metrics Links:

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