As January ends, the Research Commission has two more reports to complete the 2021 Research Calendar:

Current Surveys

4Q 2021 Benefit Utilization Survey: The due date for data submissions is Jan. 31. This survey requests non-DHMO dental insurance completed, paid dental procedures per 1,000 enrollees by month, by state and by benefit sponsor (group, individual, and Medicare Advantage). The report from this survey will be made available on the NADP website for download/purchase.

If your company would still like to participate, NADP can accept responses through Monday Feb. 7. Download Survey Form.

As with all NADP industry research, greater participation yields better and more meaningful results. The results of this survey have been extremely valuable to NADP as it advocates for the industry with legislators, regulators and other stakeholders. To date, NADP has received 18 responses to this survey with several more expected by the end of the week. Please consider adding your company’s response to the mix and help make NADP Industry Research even stronger.

Massachusetts Ballot Initiative: To back NADP efforts to support the industry in Massachusetts, a survey was distributed to plans to help NADP assess the impact of the ballot initiative in that state to implement a minimum Dental Loss Ratio (DLR). Similar research efforts have been conducted in Maine and California where the results have been instrumental in supporting the association’s efforts to defend the industry against DLR mandates. The survey is available to carriers offering fully insured dental plans in Massachusetts. To participate in this research, please respond to the survey no later than Monday, Feb. 14.  Download Survey Form.

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