The State All Payer Claims Databases (APCD) Advisory Committee Report has been released by the State All Payer Claims Databases Advisory Committee (SAPCDAC). The SAPCDAC was formed by the “No Surprises Act” (from 2020 U.S. HR 133) and charged with advising the Secretary of Labor regarding the standardized reporting format for the voluntary reporting by group health plans to APCDs.

Reporting will include medical claims, pharmacy claims, dental claims, and eligibility and provider files collected from private and public payers. The SAPCDAC recommended that Department of Labor should use the content of the APCD-Common Data Layout (CDL) as the basis for the standard reporting format for submitting self-funded plan data to APCDs. Because of the grant funding also provided by the No Surprises Act and interest in reducing health care costs, NADP members will continue to see State APCD legislation that could be heavily influenced by this report.

For questions, please contact Government Relations Analyst Tyler Shrive.

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