New Report Shows Benefits of Including Dental Coverage in Medicare Advantage Programs

Sept. 22, 2021

Arlington, Va. – Including dental coverage in Medicare Advantage plans can help Medicare beneficiaries stay healthier and save money, according to a new report issued by Dominion National, a leading dental and vision insurer and administrator.

“The Benefits of Including Dental Benefits in Medicare Advantage Programs” looks at case studies and research on how dental benefits can help grow enrollment and retention in a Medicare Advantage program, as well as reduce medical cost of care for members with chronic conditions.

“This white paper suggests including dental coverage and encouraging preventive dental treatment may help reduce emergency department visits, in-patient hospital stays and overall medical claims costs for chronic condition populations,” said Dominion President Mike Davis. “While there are certainly several factors in a customer’s purchasing decision of a Medicare Advantage plan – ranging from premium, level of coverage, provider network access and more – the inclusion of a dental benefit has become increasingly important.”

The demand for dental coverage in Medicare continues to grow and an increasing number of Medicare Advantage plans are offering dental benefits. The number of Medicare beneficiaries without dental coverage decreased from approximately 37 million Americans (65%) in 2016 to 24 million (47%) in 2019, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

As of April 2020, 36% of Medicare beneficiaries (approximately 18 million) are in a Medicare Advantage plan, and this figure is projected to surpass 50% by 2030, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). This would represent 40% growth and drive Medicare Advantage enrollment to approximately 25 million.

The white paper suggests health plans evaluate the inclusion of dental benefits in their Medicare Advantage programs, as well as the level of dental coverage offered to help support enrollment, retention and cost of care. To download the full white paper, visit

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