By Board Chair Jeremy Hedrick, Careington International

Now is an exciting time to be an NADP member. Our industry and nation are facing new developments that will forever change the business landscape. I am both honored and privileged to serve as your NADP Board Chair at this time and look forward to working together as we advance our industry.


Preparing for the future

NADP is preparing for continued success as we explore emerging industry trends and influences ranging from new business models entering the dental benefits industry to a new Administration in Washington, D.C. To contend with the many new challenges facing our industry, NADP is taking the following steps:


  • Strategic Planning Process: Now that the election is over, NADP is working to compose an environmental scan, and past board chair Jon Seltenheim has volunteered to serve as facilitator when volunteers meet to develop a plan. We will share more information about this process at the 2021 Leadership Conference.


  • Volunteer Leadership: Thank you to the 347 individuals who signed up for a 2021 volunteer group. NADP volunteers provide the knowledge and expertise that help our workgroups and commissions succeed. At the 2021 Virtual Leadership Conference, Jan. 25-27, volunteer leaders will develop workplans for their groups to chart the course for the year and provide feedback in the strategic planning process. For additional information, see the related article in this newsletter.


  • Future of Dental Benefits Task Force: Earlier this year NADP created this task force to analyze the various new business models entering the dental benefits industry and how NADP may need to adapt.


  • Political Landscape: The advocacy department has prepared a post-election analysis report. The report includes a comprehensive break down of the state level races and a Hooper Lundy article regarding how the shift in the Administration will impact our dental benefits advocacy in 2021. In addition, NADP will present a webinar briefing Nov. 30 at 1:00 PM, “The Impact of the 2020 Elections: Preparing for the Future of Dental Benefits Advocacy.” See related article in this newsletter for more details.

Delivering core services

While we make ready for the future, NADP also continues to deliver the core services on which we depend. Following are quick glimpses into key activities this month:

  • Education: Covering a variety of industry topics, the November and December webinars offer insight and professional development, and best of all they are free to NADP members!


  • Research: Draft reports are in progress and multiple surveys are in the field. The final publications deliver valuable data and insight regarding our industry. I encourage you to participate in the NADP Research Program.


  • Advocacy: In addition to preparing the post-election analysis, our advocacy team has not missed a beat in representing you on key state and federal issues. Recently, NADP members have received updates regarding revised Health and Human Services regulatory review requirements, hospital and insurer price disclosure, New Jersey dental credit bills, and much more. Subscribe to the NADP Advocacy Open Forum in Dental Interact for frequent, detailed updates.

As you can see, NADP is dedicated to your success now and in the future. Should you have any questions regarding the association, please contact me.

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