By Board Chair Jeremy Hedrick, Careington International

Last week NADP kicked off the year with the 2022 Leadership Conference in Dallas where volunteer leaders gathered to offer additional feedback on the Strategic Plan, including the High-Level Initiatives (HLIs) and their operational plans.

It was inspiring to witness our volunteers’ energy, enthusiasm and engagement.  During the closing session of the Leadership Conference, we asked volunteer chairs and vice chairs to provide feedback on each HLI and identify areas for possible collaboration with other volunteer groups. This process represents an initial step in a RACI-form like review. RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed and identifies the different areas of team responsibility necessary to reach a goal or complete a task.

To demonstrate the value of this exercise, I will highlight one or more HLIs over the next few months in my newsletter column. In addition, NADP will share notes from this session with attendees of the Leadership Conference. This month, I want to highlight the discussion on HLI #1.

HLI #1: Achieve positive state-level legislative and regulatory policy outcomes in light of increasing proposals that may erode the value of dental benefits.

The Government Relations WorkGroup (GRW) stated they are accountable for HLI #1 and provided insight regarding how they will achieve success and identified areas where they will need to collaborate with additional NADP volunteer groups.

To achieve success, GRW has changed its processes and created a new agenda. From a procedural perspective, GRW is piloting two new sub-groups to perform their work. The Bill Analysis Sub-WorkGroup (SWG) identifies the business impact of legislation, and the Advocacy SWG looks at political issues and chances for success in advancing NADP positions.

To take a more proactive stance on key issues, GRW has created an affirmative agenda on things NADP wants to achieve.  There is legislation that would support the industry on EDI or clinical issues.  Thus, GRW wants to work on these in addition to responding to bills and regulations introduced each year.  Additional areas of focus include work with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), and the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) to ensure the dental benefits industry is represented.

GRW is also creating NADP one-pagers about numerous issues.

Collaboration with volunteer groups:

  • Communications WorkGroup will be consulted on one-pager development and provide expertise to make sure they are succinct.
  • Education Commission is responsible to inform members regarding the impact of various bills and regulations.
  • Membership WorkGroup needs to be informed regarding progress of HLI #1 and key issues so they can speak intelligently to members and prospects on recruitment or retention campaigns.
  • Operations WorkGroup will be consulted as they are often responsible to implement the actions included in bills and regulations.
  • Research Commission will continue to support NADP advocacy activities through the collection and publication of industry data and through ad hoc research to support issues as they arise.
  • TST Clinical WorkGroups (Clinical Quality Measures, Codes and Diagnostic Terminology) will provide key clinical perspectives on issues as needed. They also noted there is value in having comments or testimony from a plan clinician on issues raised in legislation.
  • GRW will seek additional consultation as necessary from subject matter experts of appropriate NADP volunteer Groups.


  • Tracking legislative progress of bills being monitored.

  • GRW will also track meetings with state dental associations and legislators.

  • Communications can provide metrics from various channels, such as web traffic, unique visitors, etc.

As evidenced by the above information, NADP volunteer groups are focused on the advancement of our industry and the success of the association.  Should you have any questions or comments regarding the direction of NADP, please contact me.

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