the dental benefits industry on a variety of standards-setting
organizations, NADP is making sure the multitude of behind-the-scenes
transactions driving business continue to work seamlessly now and in the

ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics (SCDI)

As a member of
the American Dental Association’s Standards Committee on Dental
Informatics (SCDI), NADP has been instrumental in developing standards
for ortho and perio attachments for use by dental plans in the future.
The development of these standards includes the technical aspects of how
they will work. By creating these standards now, NADP and SCDI have
paved the way for their acceptance by the Centers for Medicare and
Medicaid (CMS), which is working on operating rules for dental

HL7 International

advancing the dental benefits industry via its participation in HL7
International, which has recently made tremendous progress regarding
dental benefits. HL7 approved the standards for ortho and perio
attachments submitted by SCDI. When CMS makes their operating rules
around attachments official, the groundwork has been done by HL7 and
SCDI. Thus, NADP has effectively and proactively advanced the industry
by being an integral part of the process.

In addition, NADP has contributed to HL7’s progress regarding dental electronic health records.

X12 – Chartered by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

leadership of the Dental Caucus, NADP speaks for the unique needs of the
dental benefits industry in the development of the 7030 electronic data
interchange (EDI) standards governing transactions such as eligibility
(270/271), Explanation of Benefits (835) and more. NADP’s participation
in this process means the 7030 standards, when adopted, will work for
dental benefits transactions.

Although the
adoption of 7030 standards will likely take place several years from
now, NADP is helping members stay informed about the proposed changes so
they can plan for implementation when the time comes.

The above
summaries demonstrate how NADP actively contributes to the advancement
of the industry and represents our members to key stakeholders. These
summaries also underscore the value of participating in the process
today and in the future. For more about NADP’s work on EDI and
collaboration with the above organizations, contact Dental Informatics
Manager Brian Flynn.

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