NADP Press Statement on Congressional Hearings on Consideration of Dental in Medicare

Oct 25, 2019

Dallas, TX—National Association of Dental Plans Executive Director Evelyn F. Ireland, CAE, released the following statement on US House Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce committee action on improvements to Medicare benefits.

“Consistent with our commitment to quality, affordable dental care for all Americans, NADP applauds the Committees’ recognition that oral health is integral to overall health for seniors through consideration of the addition of dental benefits to Medicare.

NADP supports the extension of dental benefits to Medicare eligibles. Our nation’s seniors represent approximately one third of Americans who are dentally uninsured. Providing a pathway for this uninsured segment to access needed oral health services is a critical step in improving oral health and overall health of seniors especially those with chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

In order to protect the 20 million Medicare beneficiaries that now have dental benefits through employer-sponsored coverage, retiree benefits, unions, individual market insurance, Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicaid, any new Medicare dental benefit should ensure consumer choice of coverage and dentists while leveraging private market expertise in administration of the benefit.

NADP is the recognized resource for the dental benefits industry. We look forward to working with Congress to ensure access to quality, affordable dental care for Medicare beneficiaries.”

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