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by Board Chair Ron Bolden, Cigna

As our industry faces challenges on multiple fronts, NADP continues to serve as our strategic partner through collaborative representation with the American Dental Association (ADA) and valuable association programs managed by our volunteer groups. On May 12, your NADP Board of Directors held its annual spring meeting via teleconference followed by a call with chairs and vice chairs that afternoon. On May 13, the Board held its annual meeting with the ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs (CDBP).  As I listened to the discussion at all these meetings, I was amazed by the work NADP is doing on our behalf. Following are some important highlights.

Board of Directors Meeting

The NADP Board had a highly productive meeting. Key discussion points included:

  • Form 990 Tax Filing
  • 2019 Audit (approved)
  • Membership recruitment incentive (approved)
  • Board Nominating Committee timelines

ADA CDBP Meeting

A congenial atmosphere from both the ADA and NADP set the tone for our discussion of common challenges facing providers and plans, including:

  • Impact of COVID-19
  • Market outlook for dental plans
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Communications to dental office consumers about safety
  • COVID-19 testing
  • Tele-dentistry trends

Chair – Vice Chair Call

Each quarter, volunteer group chairs and vice-chairs update the Board of Directors regarding their progress on their workplans and contributions to the high-level initiatives outlined in the current strategic plan.  While the COVID-19 pandemic has re-prioritized the work of some groups, it was remarkable to hear how our talented NADP volunteers have been both flexible and creative in addressing the needs of our members. Following is a glimpse of some of the work discussed on the call.

The Commission on Advocacy Policy is concentrating on preserving the dental benefits industry for consumers, supporting states facing Medicaid budget shortfalls, advocating for federal support of maintaining dental benefits, and identifying both electronic and remote operations which can reduce administrative burdens. In addition, CAP is prepared to represent the industry on issues such as dental in Medicare, surprise billing, and all payer claims databases.

The Research Commission has three active surveys and is considering postponing others in response to survey overload created by the pandemic. This group also published the popular State of the Dental Benefits Market Report this quarter.

The Education Commission presented two highly attended webinar briefings on COVID-19 during the first half of the year and has identified topics for the four educational webinars. In addition, the Commission surveyed past CONVERGE attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to aid in the planning of this year’s event.

The Membership WorkGroup (WG) is currently conducting both retention and recruitment campaigns.

The Codes Sub-WorkGroup (SWG) represented the industry on the ADA Code Maintenance Committee (CMC) and contributed to the development of CDT 2021 which is on track for timely delivery to NADP licensing program participants who have paid their licensing fees.

The EDI WG provided feedback on the claims survey instrument while continuing to monitor X12 future version 7030 transactions and the final rule on Interoperability from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. They will also keep an eye on the impact of Covid-19, especially the processing of D1999 used for PPE reimbursement.

All of the above activities demonstrate how NADP maintains a thriving organization, dedicated to the success of our members and the dental benefits industry. It also shows the value of your participation and membership in the association. Should you have any questions or comments about the direction of NADP, please contact me.

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