Data for NADP Benefit Utilization Survey is due the week of July 6 for plans with claims from California residents, August 1 for everyone else. 

survey focuses on non-DHMO insurance products only and includes
Medicare Advantage dental benefits. This survey tracks the number of
procedures per thousand members. 

plans with members residing in California, and in response to a pending
legislative proposal from the California Dental Association, the
instrument for second quarter includes a more detailed data request.

More About the Additional Request

Due to a legislative proposal by
the California Dental Association (CDA), which has not yet been
introduced, NADP is working in collaboration with the California
Association of Dental Plans (CADP) to gather a full picture of the
rebound of dental offices across the US. This information is being
gathered to support NADP and CADP’s lobbying efforts and will not be
used to negotiate any aspect of the CDA proposal: CADP is fundamentally
opposed to any provider stabilization grants along with many other
provisions in the CDA proposal. To address these needs, NADP added a
more detailed data request for the 2nd quarter of 2019, Otherwise the survey is the same as the first quarter.

submitted may be shared, in the aggregate only, with CADP, but only for
California specific data. Often many legislative initiatives that start
in California tend to be proposed and/or adopted in other states.

Attention Delta plans:  DDPA IS NOT providing data on your Delta branded plan enrollment.

Please submit your response directly to Director of Research Jerry Berggren.

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