The dental
industry represented by NADP and DDPA had a call with the Health and
Human Services Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight
(CCIIO) and discussed the following topics:

  1. Maximum
    Out-of-Pocket (MOOP) Inflation Adjustment– The group reviewed a DDPA
    proposal to index the dental MOOP to changes in the cost of dental
    services; CCIIO requested NADP’s opinion on the approach.
  2. Network
    Adequacy – While the Benefit Payment and Parameters regulations included
    additional specificity on networks, they confirmed that dental carriers
    pay out-of network providers (at in-network rates) can include these
    providers within their narrative justifications and remain within FFM
    standards. At this time, CCIIO will review dental network access plans
    and narrative justifications in similar fashion to last year.
  3. Small
    Business Health Options Program – The FFM SHOP continues to request
    ideas for better outreach and marketing tools to attract employers.
  4. Exchange
    Enrollment Data – NADP observed that CCCIIO data released in March on
    dental enrollment for State Based Marketplaces (SBM) is likely
    incorrect. The numbers released on March 10 stated there were 24,752
    enrollees, while on Jan. 27; dental SBM enrollment was pegged at 59,637.
    NADP tracks the SBM enrollment directly, which as of March 1 was listed
    at 71,208 with large states like New York and Washington not even
    reporting. NADP requested that CCIIO release the data by state as they
    did for 2014. On the recent ADA webinar (see related story), HHS stated
    they would be releasing dental specific enrollment per state.
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