Volunteer Voices – Membership WorkGroup

Collaborative volunteerism plays a crucial role at NADP, serving as the cornerstone of the association’s success and impact in the dental benefits industry. By bringing together professionals from diverse backgrounds and expertise, NADP volunteerism fosters a vibrant community that shares a common goal of improving consumer access to affordable, quality dental care through advocacy, research, and the promotion of dental benefits. This collective effort strengthens the association’s ability to address industry challenges effectively and enhances its credibility and influence in the broader landscape. Furthermore, collaborative volunteerism promotes networking and knowledge exchange among members, facilitating the dissemination of best practices and innovative ideas.

To recognize and promote our volunteers’ contributions, NADP presents “Volunteer Voices,” brief video interviews conducted monthly of group chairs and vice-chairs about what volunteering for NADP means to them.

In the month of June, NADP interviewed the chair of the Membership WorkGroup, Brian Correia.

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