November 2016


by Theresa McConeghey, Principal

As 2016 draws near to an end, I like reflect on the value of NADP for my company and our industry. I am extremely thankful to belong to this powerful and respected organization that represents the entire spectrum of the dental benefits industry. I am also thankful for my fellow members whose work and dedication fuels our success.

When I consider the value of NADP membership, I immediately think of the important core services of Research, Education and Advocacy, which are focused on both my individual success and the success of my company. These three core services are fueled by the expertise, involvement and feedback of our members. Here’s some highlights about each one.




Through our annual suite of statistical surveys, NADP provides in-depth intelligence on multiple facets of our industry including networks, premiums, enrollment and benchmarking metrics. NADP also conducts research on other stakeholders affecting our industry, such as consumers and employers. For 2017, the Research Commission will consider enhancements to our current suite of statistical surveys to expand the depth and breadth of valuable data provided to our industry. These enhancements are based on member feedback and involvement. I encourage you to share your thoughts regarding surveys with NADP Research Director Jerry Berggren and submit data for the annual statistical reports. Your participation garners your access to key reports during the 60-day embargo period while we all ultimately reap the rewards of our cumulative participation.


Education presents an array of timely topics via CONVERGE and webinars. These programs, which often draw on insights and information from NADP research and volunteer input, are focused on the success of our member companies and their employees. The Education Commission manages these programs and draws upon the expertise and insights from volunteer involvement and member feedback. The Education Commission is currently collecting and reviewing proposals for the 2017 program. If you have an idea for a webinar or CONVERGE presentation, please take advantage of the “Submit A Topic” or “Submit Speakers” forms on the NADP website.


Advocacy is the remaining NADP core service. Because of the volume and complexities of legislative and regulatory issues, advocacy is often in the spotlight because it demands attention and manpower. NADP shines when it comes to our advocacy efforts. In addition to serving as your voice on government relations issues, NADP speaks for you with a variety of stakeholders such as the American Dental Association, the Workgroup on Electronic Data Interchange and a host of other standard and transaction governing groups.

While NADP offers services in three distinct core areas, they work in tandem to provide the utmost value for our members. An excellent example is the webinar earlier this week that examined the impact of the elections and what they mean for our industry. Another great example is the research generated on the impact of missing tax credits for the pediatric dental benefits in the Exchange. This research was instrumental in the NADP advocacy efforts that ultimately resulted in the IRS proposed rule to include pediatric dental in the subsidy calculations. Both of these instances are perfect examples of the blend of the core services working together to provide value to our members.

NADP also provides value-added benefits such as outreach to consumers and brokers, Member Interest Groups (MIGs) and many opportunities to connect with colleagues face-to-face and via Dental Interact. The most important attribute of all of NADP services and benefits is YOU! Because of your involvement and knowledge, NADP is a thriving organization, promoting and advancing our industry. We accomplish more together than on our own, and we make a difference in our industry, the economy and the oral health of Americans who enroll in our plans.

As our representative and resource, NADP is the catalyst for our individual and collaborative success. I am honored to serve another year as your Board Chair and appreciate your support of our association and industry. I look forward to a successful 2017 working alongside you. Should you have any questions or concerns about NADP or its direction, please contact me at



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