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Superior Dental Care Launches National Dental Network

Jun 30, 2016
SDC's Network Explodes to Over Half a Million Access Points Nationwide

CENTERVILLE, Ohio, June 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Superior Dental Care (SDC) has announced a nationwide expansion of their dental network that gives their members a significantly larger selection of participating dentists and specialists across the country. This expansion makes SDC's original regionally based network over 40 times larger, strengthening the company's commitment to serve the community with unparalleled access to quality dental care at an affordable rate.

"SDC will continue to contract with employer groups domiciled in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. However, we found a growing number of regional employers with multiple locations throughout the country struggling to find one carrier to deliver the same affordable dental benefits with network access for their entire staff. SDC's new national network accomplishes this by eliminating the typical geographic limitations these employers face…and helps them provide the same coverage to all their employees regardless of where they live," said Traci Harrell, CEO at SDC.

This explosive growth in network size gives SDC members access to one of the largest concentrations of participating dentists with over half a million dental locations to choose from across the U.S. The new network will be available to all current SDC members and new enrollees as of July 1, 2016. The impact of SDC's network expansion will be immediately felt by regional-based companies with staff across the U.S. and will give business owners the leverage to offer a new level of sought-after benefits to all current and prospective employees regardless of where they reside.

"SDC is thrilled to provide all members with this immediate access to our expanded national network under their current plan and with no additional cost in rates. This is just one more way SDC keeps our members smiling for a lifetime!" said Shannon Ford, Director of Sales & Service at SDC. SDC members, employers and brokers can view the newly added participating dentists by utilizing the familiar online Find-A-Dentist search tool on SDC's website at

About Superior Dental Care:

Superior Dental Care (SDC) was founded in 1986 by a group of dentists to create the first dentist-owned dental plan as an alternative to less effective and inferior plans. Rather than focusing on earning profits for stockholders, SDC's founding dentists were committed to promoting a synergistic relationship among employers, members and dentists. This synergy drives a successful dental care delivery system that has served Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana for 30 years. For more details about SDC, visit or call 800-762-3159.

Superior Dental Care
6683 Centerville Business Parkway
Centerville, OH 45459
(937) 438-0283 or (800) 762-3159

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