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Dentists Are Working with Brighter to Deliver More Effective and Sustainable Healthcare Transparency Solutions

May 18, 2016

Almost 75,000 dentists are already participating in the Brighter Marketplace and expanding the platform’s reach to efficiently connect dental insurance members with high-value dentists.

SANTA MONICA, California, May 5, 2016 – Brighter, a healthcare software company that helps health insurers transform passive patients into active healthcare consumers, today announced that almost 75,000 dentists have already joined its marketplace platform that seamlessly connects patients, providers and payers.

As healthcare’s first multi-sided marketplace platform, Brighter is proving that engaging healthcare providers as part of the solution is essential to facilitating the modern consumer experience required to actually achieve the goals of transparency.

“Technology and transparency should not be limited to creating just comparison tools of static data,” said Jake Winebaum, founder and CEO of Brighter. “The technology solution must efficiently connect patients and providers so both are incentivized to improve health and cost outcomes.”

Dentists who participate in heath insurer networks are activating their free Brighter Profiles™ to further highlight their strengths to new patients, and take advantage of additional online conveniences like Brighter Schedule™.  The content they add to their profiles and the verified-patient reviews they help generate also ensure that the dentist’s Brighter Score™ incorporates the most comprehensive and accurate data on price, patient satisfaction and provider experience.

“As a consumer myself, I can appreciate patients’ demands for more information and health insurers’ responsibilities to provide it,” said Dr. Sandra Shakibkhoo, a Los Angeles dentist. “I’m just happy that Brighter’s approach empowers me to participate in the solution while attracting new patients and reducing my own marketing and administrative expenses.”

Health insurance carriers seeking to transform their dental plans can integrate Brighter into their existing benefit plans and digital platforms to more effectively engage their members and connect their dental benefits to their overall population health management strategies.

Fully-insured and self-funded payers are already working with Brighter to bring these value propositions to their 141,000 combined network dentists and over 11 million Dental PPO members. Brighter will launch its next national payer in early 2017.

“Brighter’s comprehensive approach and platform has proven successful at engaging both patients and providers,” added Winebaum. “And we’ll leverage this engagement to continue to expand our platform’s ability to eliminate many of the unnecessary marketing and administrative costs that providers otherwise incur today, allowing them to expand their practices while reducing their costs.”

Dentists wanting to learn more about how Brighter can help grow their practice can watch Brighter’s 2-minute Provider Solutions video or visit

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