While 2020 has been an atypical year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NADP continued its regular work of analyzing and advocating on key topics relevant to the dental benefits industry in the states, such as legislation related to network leasing, non-covered services, and taxation of insurance. In 2020 New Jersey enacted a law imposing a tax on insurers to create a “Health Insurance Affordability Fund.” The tax represents 2.5% of an entity’s net written premiums, and applies to health, dental, and vision plans, but excludes “dental service corporations” (nonprofits). In Colorado, NADP and partners successfully advocated to exclude all dental plans from its newly enacted health insurance fees. Nebraska enacted network leasing provisions requiring insurers to permit providers to opt-out of participation in leasing, and similar legislation was proposed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Also, in 2020, New Hampshire became the 40th state to enact a non-covered dental services law, while Vermont and Ohio considered but did not enact similar bills. 

Every year the NADP compiles a review of relevant state policy activity for the year. More details are available here.

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