Why Dental Insurance Is Worth the Investment

April 10, 2023 by Sam Hayes

Dental insurance covers oral health care, such as crowns, root canals, or fillings. Therefore, it cuts costs on treatments and preventatives. While the insurance covers cavities and gum diseases, in most cases, it doesn’t cover implants and cosmetic procedures. However, dental plan options have different premiums and coverage amounts. That said, here are the benefits you will enjoy when you buy dental insurance.

1. Affordable Treatments

Dental plans often include 100% coverage for preventative treatments. You get regular checkups and cleanings to preserve your oral health. Other than preventative treatments, you get services like surgery at an affordable cost by covering a percentage of the total cost. Unfortunately, many Americans don’t enjoy affordable dental treatments due to a lack of insurance coverage. In fact, 74 million Americans live without dental insurance.

2. It Promotes Good Dental Health

Forbes reports that most dental insurance covers two cleanings a year. Therefore, even low-income citizens can visit the dentist because checkups and cleanings are covered by insurance. Also, dentists can discover emerging dental problems during checkups and take preventative measures.

That said, regular dental checkups are not only an investment in oral health. Instead, it’s an investment in overall body health because it involves checking the whole mouth during a regular oral exam. In the process, even the throat conditions are examined.

3. Saves You Money

With dental insurance, you can get two or three oral exams and cleanings yearly with full coverage. Additionally, you get coverage of a certain amount of the bills for other services. As such, you save money annually that you can use for investment.

Moreover, if you need highly costly services like surgery, you only need to add a little money from your pocket to the premium plan coverage. Further, regular checkups help you avoid future dental problems, especially in old age. According to the New York Post, 44% of Americans wish they practiced better care for their dental health.

4. Comes in Handy During Emergencies

A dental emergency can happen at any time. When an emergency happens, you are faced with double-faced pain. The pain is usually unbearable, and you must also deal with the financial pain in your wallet. Usually, an emergency is caused by an unattended problem for a long time and might require extensive and costly restorative work. Luckily, dental insurance will save you much struggle if you are in a poor financial position when an emergency happens.

5. It Protects You From Financial Risks

Even with better preventative care, dental issues can arise. These complicated problems may require large amounts of money to treat. Luckily, dental insurance protects you from the risks of selling your assets to cover medical bills.

Dental problems may become severe if not discovered early. Many people seek dental care only when they have acute issues. This eventually leads to an emergency that can put you at financial risk. Luckily, the cost will be the least of your worries with insurance.

6. You Get Treatment From Accredited Dentists

When faced with dental problems, many people self-medicate or wait for the pain to subside to avoid costly procedures. You don’t have to wait for the problem to become an emergency. Insurance coverage means you can go for treatment without financial worries. Knowing that your treatment is protected is enough incentive to visit a qualified dentist for safe treatment, hence preventing exacerbating dental problems.

Dental insurance makes dental care more affordable. It covers a percentage or full amount of dental health costs. Choose plans that cover the services you regularly need. A good dental insurance plan is truly a return on investment.

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