CAMP HILL, Pa. (Jan. 19, 2023) — Many cigarette smokers will pick up vaping electronic cigarettes to help stamp out their smoking habits in the new year — but vaping has its own health risks too. Before making the switch, United Concordia Dental provides some information about e-cigarettes to consider.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cites cigarette smoking as the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States, responsible for more than 480,000 deaths annually.

Often viewed as a safer alternative to smoking, e-cigarette devices use an element and battery to heat the vaping liquid to produce a mist that’s inhaled into the lungs. Most vaping liquid contains varying levels of nicotine, the addictive chemical found in tobacco, plus flavoring and other chemical additives.

“While more research is needed to get a better understanding of its long-term health effects, what we do know is that vaping has been linked to some of the same oral health risks as smoking,” said Katie Deffke, DDS, dental director, United Concordia Dental. “These include throat irritation, gum issues and recession, mouth sores, oral cancer, bad breath and delayed healing after dental work.”

As far as overall health, research studies have found harmful metals and cancer-causing chemicals in e-cigarettes that may cause lung inflammation, irritation and damage. There also are findings of increased blood pressure and narrow arteries, which can cause damage to the heart and brain from nicotine use.

For those who want to quit smoking, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration suggests several over-the-counter and prescription treatments, including skin patches, gum, lozenges, sprays and inhalers. To learn more on how to quit smoking, visit

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