May 2015


by Chris Swanker, NADP Board Chair

Reports of proposed mergers and acquisitions and news about dental benefits in the marketplaces have filled the headlines of many recent industry and business publications. These occurrences demonstrate the rapidly changing landscape of the dental benefits industry. We are in a new frontier, complete with new challenges and opportunities. To blaze a path to continued success a prosperity, NADP is guided by a six-year strategic plan. The key element in this plan is leadership.

For many years now, federal and state lawmakers, the media, and industry stakeholders have recognized NADP as the voice of dental benefits industry. NADP has rightfully earned this reputation through strong, consistent leadership.

Who are your NADP leaders?

At the helm are your NADP Board of Directors. These individuals are leaders in their companies and have enhanced their skills by serving on various NADP volunteer groups before being elected to the Board. I am honored to serve alongside this group of nine individuals who steer the course of our organization and industry.

In addition to the Board of Directors, NADP has 13 volunteer groups who have taken the lead on various aspects of the strategic plan.Through their service, they address industry needs and challenges as they become familiar with NADP core services and programs.

How does NADP Lead the Industry?

NADP volunteer leaders provide the industry insight, expertise and manpower to address the challenges and opportunities facing our industry. Specifically, they

  • Identify, prioritize and track legislative and regulatory issues
  • Represent the industry to a variety of stakeholders and policymakers
  • Provide united industry perspective and direction on critical dental issues affecting the growth and advancement of the industry
  • Gather data and information to disseminate industry knowledge
  • Develop integrated educational forums, programs, and services

How do you become an NADP leader?

Answering the call for volunteers in the fall is the first step in becoming an NADP leader. Before my election to the Board of Directors, I served on the Education and Government Relations Commissions and the Health Care Reform Task Force. I learned a lot about the industry and NADP by serving on these groups. I was encouraged to know my company was not alone in dealing with the rigorous regulatory demands and we had similar challenges and needs for professional development. Even more important was the strength of our combined efforts and representation provided by our NADP membership. Truly, the value of our membership has been enhanced through volunteering.

I also found it helpful to attend the Annual Business Meetings at CONVERGE and read the Annual Reports to gain a broader perspective about the work of the NADP.

Soon the NADP Board will form the Nominating Committee to seek Board of Director candidates from the ranks of our volunteer groups. NADP will announce the formation of the committee and the process for nominations in future editions of Soundbytes and Monthlybyte.

If your future goals include serving on the NADP Board, I encourage you to first serve on a volunteer group. It will add value to your membership as you enhance your leadership skills. Should you be approached about serving on the Board, I strongly encourage you to consider it as it provides both professional and personal benefits and opportunities for growth. In fact, NADP volunteer groups provide a unique opportunity for you and your team to take meaningful steps on your personal development plans.

NADP leaders are members just like you who have invested their time in volunteer service. It’s their combined strengths, perspective and talents that steer our organization. We appreciate their commitment and commend them for their service. If you have any questions or suggestions about NADP, I’d like to hear from you. Please contact me at or (610) 807-8485.



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