By Dr. Charles D. Stewart, Aetna

Welcome to this edition of Terminology Talk, which outlines the CDT process completed for the 2023 version at the meeting of the Code Maintenance Committee March 10-11.

I attended and represented the National Association of Dental Plans on the American Dental Association Code Maintenance Committee in person in Chicago, with Kristen Strasheim, Ameritas and Timothy L. Brown, NADP, attending virtually.

There were 29 new codes approved during the meeting. The ADA released the ASCII File June 10 and is distributing them directly to current NADP Licensees after they have paid their CDT 2023 fees so they can begin the implementation process. NADP distributed the CDT-2023 Change Document via a separate email. This document outlines the revisions for CDT 2023.

Several new codes for COVID Vaccinations were made effective for CDT 2022. These new vaccine codes are specific to the manufacturer and represent the third dose and booster dose along with two new codes for pediatric dose, i.e., D1708, D1709, D1710, D1711, D1712, D1713 and D1714. With the codes being effective in CDT-2022, plans should be adjudicating these seven vaccination codes immediately.

The remainder of the 22 new codes will be effective with CDT 2023 Jan. 1.

The 2023 revisions include new codes for tomosynthesis; comprehensive series, bitewing and periapical images (also for image capture only).

In the Diagnostic category, there are new codes for 3d dental surface scans and 3d facial surface scans, both direct and indirect. 

There are three new codes for the HPV vaccine first, second and third doses.

In periodontia, there are three new codes: for guided tissue regeneration- edentulous areas (one for resorbable, one for non-resorbable) barriers and then a code for removal of the non-resorbable barrier. 

There were four new codes in the area of implants, one for removal of an implant body not requiring bone removal or flap elevation, one each for guided tissue regeneration- resorbable and non-resorbable barrier per implant and one for replacement of the restorative material used to close an access opening of a screw-retained implant-supported prosthesis, per implant. 

Oral surgery had one new code for marsupialization of an odontogenic cyst.

The adjunctive general services category also had one new code for the reline custom sleep apnea appliance, indirect.

There were 14 revisions, with 13 revisions to codes and one to the category descriptor. Codes D0210, 0393, 0709, 3333, 4240, 4241, 4266, 4267,4355, 4921, 7251, 9110 and 9450 all had revisions.

The category revision was for D8000- D8999 occurred, removing the reference to interceptive procedures.

There were two code deletions, including the D0351 and D0704.

While the implementation process for CDT 2023 the Plans begins with the ASCII file release, the NADP Codes Subworkgroup (SWG) seeks input and proposed changes for CDT 2024. If you feel there are any gaps in the current CDT code set or a revision or deletion needed, please submit those suggestions by Aug. 31 to NADP Deputy Executive Director Timothy L. Brown.

If approved, the NADP Codes SWG will review those and submit them to the ADA.

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