South Dakota SB 171 was signed into law on March 7. The bill was on virtual credit cards. The original language was “health insurance policy may not require payment for dental care by credit card.” NADP worked with industry partners and successfully changed the language to: “No policy of insurance insuring dental care services shall contain restrictions on methods of payment to the dentist in which the only acceptable payment method is a credit card payment.”

Kentucky HB 370 has passed both chambers and is expected to be signed by the governor soon. This bill originally had provisions on prior authorization and assignment of benefit that were taken out after NADP advocacy. The provisions that remained were on network leasing, virtual credit cards, and non-covered services.

Massachusetts H 4378 on March 21 the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Health Care Financing held a hearing on H 4378, which authorizes a ballot question on a dental medical loss ratio in the state. The bill is a technical requirement for the question to be approved for the November 2022 election.

Maine LD 1266 was sent to Gov. Mills on March 24 after being approved by the House and Senate. The bill would establish a process for dental plans to report dental medical loss ratios to the Superintendent of Insurance as well as requirements for plans identified as statistical outliers over three years to conduct a remediation plan. Before being amended in committee, the bill would have established an 80% dental medical loss ratio in the state.

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