The Government Relations WorkGroup continues to track and monitor numerous bills and regulations as it represents our members. Following are this month’s highlights.

Kansas HB 2386 passed the Kansas House of Representatives. This bill included provisions on network leasing, prior authorization, and virtual credit cards. NADP submitted testimony to the Committee on Health and Human Services and worked with industry partners to get the prior authorization provisions removed from the bill. NADP will continue to monitor the bill as it is considered in the Kansas Senate to assess more opportunities for advocacy.

Indiana SB 136 previously passed the Indiana Senate and has now passed the Indiana House of Representatives. The bill adopted the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) non-covered service (NCS) language. Previous versions included NCS language related to de minimis reimbursement and a section on network leasing. NADP, along with industry partners, submitted testimony on behalf of the dental benefits industry.

Maine LD 1266:  By a vote of 11-0, the Maine Joint Standing Committee on Health Coverage, Insurance, and Financial Services approved an amendment to LD 1266 and moved the bill to language review. The amendment establishes dental loss ratio reporting requirements and outlier identification for the Superintendent of Insurance to conduct remediation. Previous versions of the bill would have established an 80% dental loss ratio in Maine.

Most of the discussion of the bill revolved around the rulemaking authority of the Superintendent and clarifications on the process of identifying outliers.

Please contact Director of Government Relations Owen Urech with any questions.

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