The NADP Communications WorkGroup is working proactively to promote messaging about how the dental benefits industry helped providers, employers and consumers manage the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Social Responsibility Survey is designed to identify the types and amounts of financial assistance NADP dental plan members provided to providers, employers, consumers and the communities in which they live and work. NADP will use this information in our communication with the press and in our advocacy efforts to support the dental benefits industry and NADP members. Last week, the WorkGroup distributed the survey instrument to communications contacts and/or delegates from each member plan. June 21 is the deadline to respond to the survey.

Why your participation in this survey is critical to our industry

NADP is already attending to legislation in several states intended to support the dental community and consumers in the wake of pandemic-related restrictions. To help you prioritize the numerous data requests your organization receives, NADP is providing the following justification for your participation in the 2021 Social Responsibility Survey:

  • Protect the dental benefits industry from onerous legislation and regulation
  • Respond effectively to inquiries from the press, organized dentistry, government regulators and legislators, and other key stakeholders
  • Help demonstrate our collective industry efforts to support our mission to promote and advance the dental benefits industry to improve consumer access to affordable, quality dental care through community engagement and support

Please review the survey and submit your confidential response by June 21, 2021. For additional information, contact NADP Director of Membership & Communications Rene Chapin.

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