Provider Directory Validation Project

To help our members improve efficiencies plus save time and money, the NADP Operations WorkGroup has developed Provider Directory Validation Program (PDV), featuring a uniform spreadsheet with data element agreed upon by industry representatives. Several dental plans and DSO members have already participated in PDV and have favorable results.

More About the Provider Directory Validation Program

The NADP Provider Directory Validation Program:

How Your Company Can Increase Participation

To make this project even more successful, the Operations WorkGroup is asking you to try the PDV spreadsheet when responding to your next directory update request and let us know what you think.

NADP and the Operations WorkGroup are committed to providing useful resources for all our members – both plans and DSOs. Won’t you help make this project as successful as it can be? Participate and share your feedback today. Submit your questions and comment to NADP Informatics Manager Brian Flynn.


PDV Uniform Spreadsheet Instructions

PDV Uniform Spreadsheet

PDV Attestation Form
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