Three Survey Invitations Coming Your Way

Later this week, NADP will send Survey invitations to our Research contacts for the following surveys.

Plan Your Participation with 2021 Survey Schedule

To see a list of all the NADP surveys we have planned for the year and their respective due dates, please visit the NADP Surveys Page.

The Surveys Page lists each 2021 survey NADP will conduct this year and includes a brief description of the survey, the due date, and, as the Research Commission approves the different survey forms, a link to the data instrument or online survey form. Invitations to participate in the surveys will generally be sent to our research contacts 4 to 6 weeks prior to the survey due date, but please feel free to respond to the surveys at your convenience any time before the due date. The value of NADP research is completely dependent on member participation. Plan now to submit you company’s response for as many reports as possible in 2021. For more information, contact Director of Research and Information Jerry Berggren.

2020 Financial Operations and Premium Report to be published

The Financial Operations and Premium Report covers premium revenue and expenses related to dental insurance plans by plan type (DHMO, DPPO and Dental Indemnity) and by group size (Small, Medium, Large and Individual) for the 2019 calendar year. Like prior years, the report will be embargoed for general release for 90 days and only be available to participating companies during this time. A link to the report will be sent to delegates and our Research contacts on March 31. 

2021 Dental Benefits Report: Benefit Utilization to be published soon

The 2021 Dental Benefits Report: Benefit Utilization includes a quarter-by-quarter analysis of procedures per 1,000 members for the calendar years 2019 and 2020. The results depict the dramatic effects of the COVID-19 shutdowns imposed by most state governments and the equally dramatic return of patients to the dental office once the restrictions were lifted. Participants in the survey will also receive the data tables in Excel format along with monthly breakdowns. Look for the report to be published next week.

For more information or questions about these reports, contact Director of Research and Information Jerry Berggren.


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