Feb. 2020


NADP Enhancing Enrollment Survey

To add value to your membership and the market intelligence you receive, the Research Commission has enhanced the Enrollment Survey to provide greater insight into in-force and new enrollment. This approach will provide NADP members with insight regarding sales data, which had previously been collected in joint reports with LIMRA.

To accomplish these objectives, NADP will soon field two survey instruments, which will have a May deadline date.

  1. Enrollment Survey collecting in-force data: This instrument will collect the same data as previous Enrollment Surveys. Invitations were sent to research contacts Tuesday of this week.
  2. Trial Survey on New Enrollment: This instrument will collect data on new enrollment. The purpose of the trial is to identify any necessary adjustments to the survey instrument; therefore, only survey respondents will receive the findings from the data collected.

The Enrollment Report is the foundation for all NADP annual statistical surveys. Your participation is key to the success and value of NADP Research. We encourage you to plan now to submit data to both instruments. For questions about this and other surveys, contact Director of Research and Information Jerry Berggren.


Coming Soon

Watch for soon-to-be published announcements regarding these two items developed by the NADP Research department:

State Fact Sheets

By far one of the most popular NADP Research products, the annual State Fact Sheets are in development and will be coming your way soon. State Fact sheets are included as a benefit in every membership category. They will be available soon for download or purchase in the Knowledge Center. (Login required).

NADP Survey Page Offers Details on Upcoming Projects

Plan your participation in the NADP Research program with schedule information posted “NADP Surveys” of


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