April 2020


To provide members meaningful information they can use now, and in the future, the NADP Research Commission recently added new features to their lineup while continuing with the important surveys upon which our members depend.

New Feature

Survey FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions about NADP survey instruments with the new FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) posted on the NADP Survey page of the website.

Recently Published Reports

2018 Plan Design and Benefit Utilization Trends Report Now Available

The NADP Plan Design Report includes data reported by product type (DHMO, DPPO In-Network, DPPO Out of Network, and Dental Indemnity). The report includes data about Annual Maximum levels, enrollees reaching the Annual Maximum, Lifetime Orthodontia Maximums, Deductible levels, and information about the percentage of enrollment with products with special features like Max Rollover, Implant coverage, TMJ coverage, Preventive and Diagnostic plans, and plans with coverage for Cosmetic procedures. The report is available in the Knowledge Center.

2019 State of the Market Report Published

One of the most popular NADP research reports, the State of the Dental Benefits Market brings highlights of all the industry research conducted by NADP in 2019.  This includes market trends in enrollment, premiums and network statistics as well as developments in claims processing. This year’s report also highlights the importance of relationships in maintaining and developing customer loyalty and the prevalence of new models for delivering orthodontia services. The report is available to all NADP members free of charge and sells for $295 to non-members. Access the report in the NADP Knowledge Center.

Research Reminders

The following NADP surveys have a May 1 deadline for data submission:

NADP Enrollment Survey (In-Force and New Enrollment)

The NADP Enrollment Report is the cornerstone of all of NADP’s Statistical Reports on the dental benefits industry. This survey is for any company offering a dental plan or dental benefits embedded within medical plans. To help build a more complete picture of dental benefits enrollment, the survey has two components: the In-Force survey and a New Enrollment survey.

Download Survey (In-Force)

Download Survey (New)

NADP Corporate Responsibility Survey

This is a new survey aimed at understanding the size and scope of time and money NADP member companies contribute to provide free dental care to populations in need of dental care.

NADP Benefit Utilization Trend Survey

Originally planned to be an annual survey, given the current environment, the Research Commission will conduct the Benefit Utilization Trend Survey at least quarterly, possibly monthly for 2020. This survey requests non-DHMO dental insurance completed, paid dental procedures per 1,000 enrollees by month, by state and by benefit sponsor (group, individual, and Medicare Advantage)

Survey Coming Soon

NADP Network Administration

Later this week, NADP will distribute the Network Administration Survey to research contacts. Deadline to submit data is May 31.

NOTE TO Delta Dental Members: Due to the nature of the survey, DDPA is unable to respond to this survey on your behalf. Each Delta plan will need to respond separately in order to be included in NADP’s Network research.

Your contributions to NADP surveys provide value to your company, fellow NADP members and the dental benefits industry.



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