Research Commission Revises Survey Schedule

In response to member feedback regarding workloads, the NADP Research Commission has revised its 2020 survey schedule. The updated schedule will provide relief by postponing some survey requests and extending deadlines on others while ensuring NADP delivers valued market intelligence. Details are as follows:

Benefit Utilization Survey

  • Collect monthly data, but on a quarterly basis
  • Only issue one report for sale based on 4 quarters of data collection.
  • Issue interim reports to participants only
  • Allow respondents to participate anonymously or be identified

Corporate Responsibility Survey

  • Extend deadline to July 15 as the original intent was to have data in time for Advocacy in Action, which is being modified to occur virtually in late summer.

Remaining Statistical Reports

  • Delay each study due date by about 2 to 3 months using the following schedule:
    • Claims Metrics due Sept. 1
    • Contact Center Metrics due Sept. 15
    • Plan Design due Oct. 1
    • Financial Operations due Oct. 15

See the NADP Surveys webpage for additional information. Contact Director of Research and Information Jerry Berggren (972.458.6998 x113) for additional information.

New Vice Chair

The Research Commission is proud to announce the approval of new vice chair, Angela Salverian of United Concordia Dental.

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