The Centers
for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) hosted a call early this week
with NADP and Delta Dental Plans Association to let us know they were
releasing the Notice of Benefit & Payment Parameters for Plan Year
2018. As in past years, the document describes several provisions on Exchanges. CMS mentioned the proposed regulations include:

  • Risk adjustment programs
  • Cost-sharing parameters
  • Cost-sharing reductions
  • User fees for federally-facilitated and state-based Marketplaces (which will stay the same)
  • Qualified health plans and benefits
  • Consumer assistance tools
  • Network adequacy
  • Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)
  • Market reforms
  • Dental Maximum Out of Pocket (MOOP) (calculation
    sounds like it stays the same, and as Consumer Price Index (CPI) has
    not adjusted enough – the MOOP remains $350/$700

The Exchange
Policy Workgroup (EPW) and the Commission on Advocacy Policy (CAP) will
review the proposal closely for comments from the industry. After a more
thorough review, we will post a summary in the Advocacy Open Forum of Dental Interact (DI).

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