Opponent testimony on OH HB 95 on Non-Covered Services will be heard by the Committee on Health and Aging
this Wednesday April 29, 2015. Then, all testimony could be heard with a
possible vote on Wednesday, May 6. Interested plans are encouraged to
submit comments and opposition testimony prior to the hearing next
Wednesday. In addition to in-person meetings, attendance at the hearing
or phone calls, comments can also be submitted via email.

Click here for an updated copy of Committee contact information including notes on how to submit comments via email.

In addition to the Committee, commenters may also want to send letters to the Speaker (Speaker Cliff Rosenberger) and the Minority Leader (Leader Fred Strahorn) in case the bill moves out of Committee to educate those offices.

Contact Eme Augustini for more information on hearing details or for discussion points/information needed to submit comments. Past NADP comments on OH HB 95 and other NCS issues are available online here.

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