HB 5160 was introduced in Rhode Island at the end of January. The bill model would modify the state’s existing non-covered services (NCS) law by changing the definition of covered services to include only those services that are actually reimbursed, as opposed to those that are reimbursable. This would allow dentists to charge patients fees that are higher than the discounted rate for services provided after the patient reaches a contractual limitation, such as a frequency limitation. Rhode Island has previously attempted to amend its non-covered services law in this manner. NADP is opposed to this and other states’ efforts to modify covered services definitions in ways that depart from NCOIL model language adopted in 2010.  

On Feb. 19, the state of Vermont also introduced NCS legislation (HB 294), however the definition of covered services in that bill mirror the NCOIL model. Over the years, 40 states have passed NCS legislation with the majority including a definition of “covered services” that is consistent with the NCOIL Model. NADP will continue to monitor state bills for introduction of new NCS provisions.

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