The National
Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) Committee on Health and
Long-Term Care met twice during the NCOIL Annual Meeting last week to
discuss four proposed Model Laws on network adequacy, provider directories, telemedicine reimbursement and telemedicine licensure.
The Committee also approved its 2016 charges: network adequacy,
provider directories, telemedicine, balance billing and opioid use.

NADP attended
the NCOIL meeting in San Antonio, Texas November 12-15. After
discussion, the Health Committee did not approve any particular Model,
but did agree to discuss them at future meetings. The Committee
indicated that the AMA-sponsored Model on telemedicine licensure would
be outside the scope of NCOIL activities as insurance legislators and
would be better suited to a medical professional organization. NADP will
be closely monitoring these developments and respond accordingly.

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