By Board Chair Jeremy Hedrick, Careington International

NADP activities and volunteers adding value to your membership

Summertime is sizzling with significant activities at NADP!  With a laser focus on our mission, the Association is involved in multiple initiatives that will add value to your membership, strengthen our services, and recognize our invaluable volunteers who drive our programs.

Earlier this month, the CEO-Delegate call provided an interactive overview and discussion of a Massachusetts ballot initiative regarding medical loss ratios for dental benefits. If successful, this initiative will have national consequences. The Committee to Protect Access to Quality Dental Care presented an overview of the issues, featuring the expert team they have hired to build a campaign based on facts and research.

In addition, the Board of Directors has formed a task force to provide feedback to a Network Leasing / Stacking Brief created by the DSO Advisory Council. The brief’s objective, which describes challenges faced by DSOs, is to identify ways to improve administrative processes for both plans and DSOs. Representatives from the Board, the Operations WorkGroup and the DSO Advisory Council are preparing for a second conference call to identify aspects of the issue that NADP volunteers can address. This task force and discussion is an excellent example of the collaborative work of our volunteers and demonstrates how NADP advances our industry. A solution for this complicated issue will take time, communication, and continued collaboration. Fortunately, NADP provides the perfect vehicle for all these things.

Speaking of our fabulous core of volunteers, NADP commissions and workgroups are currently discussing recommendations for all the association awards, including:

  • Evelyn Ireland Volunteer Award recognizes individuals who make unique, annual volunteer contributions to meet NADP’s goals.
  • Don Mayes Leadership Award honors volunteer service in leadership roles for a minimum of three years. It fills the gap between the Evelyn Ireland Volunteer and Gabryl Awards, which celebrate annual and lifetime achievements.
  • Gabryl Award officially recognizes outstanding, long-term (6+ years) volunteer leadership in advancing NADP’s mission.

NADP will recognize award recipients and nominees in the Aug. edition of Monthlybyte, which will primarily focus on CONVERGE 2022 in St. Louis.

By the way, the CONVERGE deadline (Aug. 2) for regular registration is approaching!  I encourage you to attend this premier professional event of the dental benefits industry. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in person in St. Louis!

Should you have any questions or concerns about NADP, please contact me.

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