By Board Chair Jeremy Hedrick, Careington International

Staying the Course

In my role as board chair, I am privileged to see first-hand the inner workings of association volunteers and staff. That is why I can say with absolute certainty, NADP is a strong, thriving organization with the knowledge, expertise, and leadership to advance the industry and association.

A five-year strategic plan guides NADP. Over the past few months, I have shared Leadership Conference highlights regarding the contributions and collaboration among NADP volunteer groups regarding the high-level initiatives (HLIs) in the strategic plan. This month, I want to conclude this series by focusing on HLIs #3 and #4.  I will also share some news and insights regarding NADP leadership.

HLI #3: Examine the latest technology in dental care delivery and data sciences as they could impact dental benefit design.

The Terminology, Standards and Transaction (TST) WorkGroups are accountable for the operational plans under this HLI, which include:

  1. Conduct research and outreach to industry groups/associations with a focus on improved quality and technological advances in dentistry. The Research Commission will contribute and collaborate on this first operational plan.
  2. Identify or develop information and educational materials for members on emerging technologies, use of artificial technology, procedural and diagnostic terminology and quality measure advancement, and changes in benefit design and administration responding to these technologies. The Education Commission is also accountable for this operational plan and will work with TST groups to develop this content.
  3. Advocate for consumer access to data on “quality” from recognized measure sources. Gather information on provider value or quality ratings.

A reorganization of at least one TST sub-workgroup to the Clinical Workgroup will be helpful to create space to explore the ways care delivery is changing with artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Quality measures and social determinants of health will be part of this as well.

HLI #4
: Continue to evaluate NADP membership criteria to fully address the evolving dental marketplace.

The Board of Directors, Future of Dental Care Task Force and Membership Workgroup are accountable for the operational plans under this HLI as noted below:

  1. Research and categorize dental insurance and non-insurance products to better understand NADP within the dental marketplace (Board and Task Force with contributions from Research Commission)
  2. Define and analyze the Association’s member market (Membership WG and Board)
  3. Evaluate the Association’s current programs, services, and activities (Membership WG and Board)
  4. Based on this analysis, consider necessary bylaw amendments, seeking feedback from members and all volunteer groups (Board, with contributions from all volunteer groups)

NADP Leadership: Recently I shared the news (login required) regarding NADP Executive Director Eme Augustini’s decision to conclude her time with NADP in August 2022, marking the end of 10 years of service. In this announcement I reported NADP is well-positioned to continue advancing the industry, guided by our mission to improve consumer access to affordable, quality dental care.

In addition to our strategic plan, NADP leadership is exceptional. We have a dedicated board of directors, knowledgeable and committed volunteers and an experienced staff.

The Board of Directors will form a Search Committee to determine the steps necessary to hire the next Executive Director including engagement of an external search firm. The Board’s focus will be to ensure
a smooth transition that will drive meaningful value and the long-term success of the Association.

Should you have any questions about NADP or its direction, please contact me.

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