By Board Chair Jeremy Hedrick, Careington International

As the first quarter of 2021 ends, NADP has made significant progress on multiple initiatives that bring value to our industry and our members. As Board Chair I have a unique perspective regarding the work of our association and want to share some highlights with you.


Like many of you, I look forward to the professional development and networking opportunities I find at CONVERGE, the NADP annual conference.  I’m excited about this year because NADP is planning a live, in-person event for CONVERGE 2021 in New Orleans, Sept. 20-23. Watch for an important April announcement with more information and registration details.

Advocacy in Action

Registration is now open for Advocacy in Action (AIA), a virtual event April 27-29. AIA is vital to the NADP advocacy program as it features one-on-one discussions with legislators and their staff on key industry issues.  NADP provides advance training on industry issues, organizes teams of member advocates and schedules meetings with elected officials. Registration is free, and I encourage you to participate in this process.


In addition to stellar education provided by CONVERGE, NADP also made tremendous strides in representing us to key stakeholder organizations this month. First, NADP represented our members during the recent American Dental Association Code Maintenance Committee meeting where eight new Codes were added to the CDT 2021 Current Dental Terminology. NADP explained the regulatory process plans must follow before implementing these new Codes, and the ADA acknowledged these requirements in its written recommendation regarding the new Codes. See the related article in this newsletter for full details.

In addition, NADP represented the industry on the development of CDT 2022. NADP’s CDT Licensees, who pay their fees in advance, will be the first to receive the new Codes when they are available this spring.


Through persistent and expert representation with Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and X12 , the NADP Electronic Dental Interchange (EDI) WorkGroup achieved the addition of a new Remittance Advice Remark Code (RARC) to be used in X12 standards for a missing tooth prior to a member’s effective date. This new RARC, effective March 1, will streamline our members’ claims processing and ultimately save time and money. 

Strategic Planning

NADP has made significant progress in the strategic planning process, which includes development of an environmental scan. During the development of the environmental scan and strategic plan, NADP is gathering member feedback through multiple review opportunities along the way. First, NADP gathered member feedback during the Leadership Conference in January. Last month, NADP sent out a survey to membership to gather information about programs and services as a new strategic plan is in the development process. Next month, NADP will host a meeting of the Board of Directors, the Strategic Plan Steering Committee, and volunteer group chairs and vice chairs to gather additional insight.

The above initiatives are only a few examples of the ways NADP represents our members and the dental benefits industry.  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding NADP, contact me.

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