By Board Chair Jeremy Hedrick, Careington International

The close of the year is a great time to evaluate our progress as an organization. This past year is one we will always remember as filled with unique challenges, which tested our resolve and problem-solving abilities. As I review the events of 2020, I am proud of NADP’s accomplishments and continued service to our members. I am also proud of the extraordinary work of the entire NADP staff throughout this challenging year. Following are some key NADP contributions.


Pandemic Response

NADP leveraged the expertise of multiple volunteer groups and staff to quickly respond to the global pandemic with resources and education to help our members succeed during this unprecedented event. Resources include:


  • COVID-19 Forum in Dental Interact featuring dedicated discussion threads on many aspects related to the pandemic
  • Webinars exploring the impact of the pandemic from various perspectives
  • COVID-19 Polls focusing on teledentistry, provider and enrollee support, travel restrictions and remote workforce, and premium grace periods
  • web pages including Consumer FAQ, Carrier Response and Advocacy
  • Delegate call to discuss common challenges and direction for the association
  • Representation on numerous issues such as supporting legislation calling for a $25,000 tax credit for small businesses to purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and clarification from the Small Business Administration that dental plan premiums and costs paid by employers were included in the definition of “payroll costs”


Free Webinars for all Memberships

To enhance the value of your membership, NADP announced free webinar registration for all member types. The free registration includes all webinar types: educational presentations, member briefings and sponsored webinars. In addition, members have free access to the extensive library of recorded webinars from the present and prior years.



In our most recent Member Survey, NADP members identified CONVERGE as the association service that benefits them most personally. To keep members safe and extend this highly valued program, NADP offered CONVERGE 2020 in a virtual format, with content available through Dec. 31. In short, Virtual CONVERGE was a resounding success! Sessions averaged a 92% approval rating, and attendance exceeded 700 – an NADP record.


Advocacy in Action (AIA)

To serve as your voice on numerous federal issues, AIA featured virtual meetings with 60 Congressional offices. The conference-call format provided more time to cover key issues such as:

  • Increase in the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage for Medicaid programs
  • A special enrollment period on the Federally Facilitated Marketplace 
  • Temporarily subsidizing COBRA premiums
  • NADP members also discussed the dental benefits industry efforts to support oral health and provide access to dental services during the pandemic as well as ongoing efforts to address racial disparities in oral health.

Delivery of Core Services

Finally, NADP did not skip a beat in providing the association’s core services of Advocacy, Industry Collaboration, Education and Research. Through effective remote work capabilities of members and staff, our volunteer groups and association programs ran smoothly and continuously throughout the year. Read the highlights regarding each core service in this addition of the newsletter.


The brief glimpse above demonstrates NADP’s ability to produce timely, valued member benefits in any setting. NADP was successful this year and every year because of the support of our members. We look forward to working with you in the coming year. If you have any questions or comments regarding NADP, please contact me.

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